My story reads in parts, however as Aristotle stated, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Each part is equally important in creating my ongoing story.

Part 1 : I love to laugh. I am equal parts wit and serious. I love the outdoors, a long trail run, great conversation, getting lost in a good book and the perfect espresso. I have never met a stranger. I am an eternal student and avid learner, seeking ways to stretch my thinking and grow my understanding professionally and personally. I listen well. I love adventure in all its forms and include my children on many.

Part 2 : I was raised in one home and it remains in my family, today. That home began my journey of “home”. The smells, the sounds the seasons, all add familiarity and create the warmth of home. As an adventurer, I opted to travel and live in different regions and cities in adulthood, expanding the places I call my home with each move. While I had the privilege of living in some of the most incredible spots in the US and abroad, in each location, where cultures vary vastly, my experience in real estate did not. The underlying theme remains - we each want a home that fits our “why”.

My “WHY” has changed over the years, as it has for my clients. For me, that is the beauty of real estate. There is not one “why”. We each have different wants, and those even change throughout stages of life. Whether it’s downsizing, relocating, upsizing, investment or a vacation home, there is something for everyone. My “why” for choosing to reside in Golden include: excellent schools for my children, a community where I can serve and volunteer, small town feel (a lively downtown, parks, recreation activities, tons of local events), a blend of people (families, professionals, students, empty-nesters, seniors), LOCATION (quick and easy access to Denver, Boulder & the mountains), and being nestled in the foothills with quick access to seemingly endless trails. Golden fit my bill and my, “Why” just as each prior home has. Determining what you want and your “WHY” will pave your path home, providing you with that very feeling of contentment and warmth. I am pleased to assist you in identifying your “WHY”

Part 3 : I love systems, data and analysis almost as much as I love people. I enjoy contracts and get excited by organization. I follow market trends, have a pulse on neighborhoods and am civically minded, understanding zoning and city ordinances. I like strategic planning and thinking outside the box. But I can almost promise I will burn brownies with each of my feeble attempts to bake. I have my Master’s in the field of education and proudly served many joyful years in the classroom teaching and as an administrator in California, Massachusetts, Texas and Colorado. I am a certified Conflict Mediator and Executive Success Coach. All have proven invaluable (with the exception of my poor baking ability).

Part 4: I adore what I do. I am fueled by living well, my relationships and in helping people achieve their dream life. My connections are long lasting and true. I bring myself fully to each transaction and value you and your “WHY”.

My story is a beautiful journey for which I wake up grateful, everyday. forward to helping you on yours.




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