Everybody has a story, where you are from, what you have done, who your family is; and all of that drives you to where you are going.  I believe that the better we know each other’s stories, the better we understand each other’s needs and drives in life, which makes it easier for us to help one another.  So it only makes since for me to share my story with you.

My story starts with my name.  My name is Tripp Howell – kind of.  My legal name is Ken Howell III.  My dad is Ken Howell Jr, and my grandfather is Ken Howell Sr, so I’m the 3rd – 3 – triple – Tripp!  All my friends and family call me Tripp, please do the same.

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but only lived there a short time.  My family and I moved to a small town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina called Weddington.  We lived there until I was 12 years old, which is when we moved to Fort Collins, CO.  This was a hard move across country at the time, all of our extended family was still in NC, but it turned into the best move for us!  We quickly learned that Colorado was home.  The outdoor lifestyle and 300+ days of sunshine made it easy to fall in love with.  I lived in the Fort Collins area until I was a junior in high school, which is when we had to move to San Diego, CA for work.  My dad took a real estate job there, unfortunately this was just before the recession happened.  After a short 6 months in San Diego, the market crashed and his real estate job went under.  We moved back to CO until my dad found another job in Connecticut.  The start of my senior year, we moved to a small town called Canton, Connecticut.

After graduating high school, I knew Colorado was home, so I went to the University of Colorado at Boulder – Go Buffs!  I majored in marketing and minored in real estate.  During my junior year of college, I did a study abroad in Florence, Italy.  I absolutely fell in love with traveling, and was fortunate enough to see most of the other European countries while there.  I then returned to Boulder to finish up my senior year, and the day after graduation, I bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.  I spend 6 wonderful months traveling through Southeast Asia.  It was hands down one of the best and most shaping experiences of my life.

When my travel time was up (ran out of money), I returned home and was offered a position at Camp Timberline, a sports and mountain adventure camp located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, just outside of Estes Park.  Working at a camp is not the easiest thing, but it’s one of the more rewarding.  During this season, I realized how much I love working with people and getting to know them personally (hearing their story).  Whether it was the people I worked with, the kids attending camp, or the parent chaperons, everyone had a great story to share.

Once my season at Camp T was over, real estate was calling my name.  It only made since.  I loved working with people, studied real estate in college, and moving was in my blood.  I began my career at Keller Williams in December of 2015.  My time at KW was a great experience; I was fortunate enough to have a great year, and was one of the top producing rookie agents in my office.  I got to know some great people and learned a lot from them.  One of the people I met was Jeff Fox.  Jeff was one of the top producing agents in our office, and he took me under his wing my first year.  He taught me the importance of not only caring about the real estate transaction, but truly caring for the people involved with the transaction.  And the best way to care for and look after my clients well is to get to know them personally, to hear their story.  Starting in 2017, Jeff and I decided to start a team called The Fox Group, with the aim of caring for clients well, and truly putting their needs and wants first.  I look forward to further growing my career and helping more clients with their real estate needs.

I live in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver, and absolutely love it!  During the winter months, if I’m not working, you can find me on the slopes… skiing not snowboarding!  Once it warms up, I love hiking, camping, bicycling, and pretty much anything outdoors, as well as landscape photography.  And of course traveling, I try to do one big trip per year.  Last year was Iceland, not sure what’s coming this year, but I’ll keep you posted.

There it is, that’s my story…. Most of it.  Now it’s your turn, I’d love to hear your story and get to know you.  Thanks for reading!

Tripp Howell at The Fox Group – 970-219-0679